about dfigraphik - About UsSince childhood, our founder Gustavo R. Herring was interested in the art of visual communication. At the age of eight, he began to take painting classes at a special academy. His talent was so remarkable that at the age of 12 he won his first national drawing competition.

Time passed and he continued to specialize in painting. At the university, he studied graphic design and advertising. His talent was so obvious that many classmates and friends asked him for illustrations or brochures for their projects.

Gustavo R. Herring graduated from his hometown university with honours. He was able to open his advertising agency where he hires young people interested in the subject. Today he has both national and international clients.

His passion was not only to have his agency. Every month he gives workshops on new ideas in graphic design and advertising. Thanks to this, he founded DFI Graphik,a website to share his knowledge with people from all over the world and to create a community of visual communication lovers like him.

Gustavo R. Herring understands the importance of sharing what he has learned. He knows that it is necessary to be able to inspire others and give them the tools to develop their creativity.

DFI Graphik is a website created especially for you. Here you can feel free to read everything related to the business of visual communication. You will be able to share your concerns and knowledge. If you are a beginner, you came to the right place, as you will learn all the tools you need to better convey your ideas.

Always be updated with the most creative ideas and trends that are making headlines around the world.

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