Who’s Rob Janoff? – Famous Graphic Designers’ Life Profile

Rob Janoff is one of the most impressive graphic designers in the world and is known for creating the Apple brand logo. Learn all about him in this article.


Whos Rob Janoff Famous Graphic Designers Life Profile 1 - Who's Rob Janoff? - Famous Graphic Designers' Life Profile

He was born in Culver City, California. During his college years, he studied industrial design. After realizing that it was not his thing, he focused on graphic design.

Making History

Whos Rob Janoff Famous Graphic Designers Life Profile 2 - Who's Rob Janoff? - Famous Graphic Designers' Life Profile

After graduating from college in 1970, Janoff worked at various agencies in Silicon Valley. By 1977, he got a position at the prestigious Regis McKenna in Palo Alto, California. He was promoted to creative director to design Apple’s corporate identity.

He was selected for his incredible talent for technological products and the Janoff logo was characterized by making the home computer look like a friendly and accessible tool.

He designed the classic bitten apple, to avoid being mistaken for another fruit. He incorporated coloured stripes as a way of indicating that Apple machines had full-colour screens.

The stripes were specially printed in their mixed colour. Although the extra cost of this was quite considerable, Jobs approved it because he knew that bright colours made people feel good. Janoff also created advertisements and all sorts of printed materials for Apple.

Although the design is still used today, it has undergone many changes over the years. Rob Janoff also made several designs for IBM and Intel.

After this huge success, Janoff worked with the best agencies in New York and Chicago. He did print and television advertising for the biggest national and international brands.

During the last six years, Janoff has dedicated to his digital agency. He works for clients in Japan, UK, and Indonesia. He lives in Chicago and speaks at universities, always inspiring others with his masterclasses to give the best of themselves.